Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blackwater Blog

This Blog was created as an open forum for all blackwater divers. Feel free to leave comments on entries. We only ask that the comments remain PG13 (we wont ask for G). If you have photos or a log entry you would like to post please contact

This is my favoite dive of all time... ill never get tired of it. Let me explain the nature of this dive.... we are about 2 miles off the coast of the most remote land mass in the world (Kona Hawaii).... drifting with a current at about 2 knots ...tethered to the boat by 50 foot tethers... (well im not, but everyone else is)... the water under us is between 2000 and 7000 ft deep.... or 700 to 2500 meters , which ever you prefer..... These animals live on the bottom by day in complete darkness only to travel to the surface every night.... this is the largest known migration of any group of animals on the planet... and it happens nightly. Many of these creatures float past us in the night (between 7pm or 12am depending on when we got our start...) and most are no larger than a postage stamp. Occasionally we get some larger animals... (thresher shark, broad bill swordfish, oceanic white tips, and Galapagos sharks....) but that's certainly not what we are out there for.

"Anyone who has actually seen this universe will keep an image of it in his memory forever; for its isolation, its cosmic cold, its eternal obscurity -- and above all, for the indescribable beauty of the denizens of those regions." -William Beebe


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